Upcoming Events Autumn 2022

I hope that you are all well and enjoying life these days. I am excited to share with you some events that I have planned this autumn, including a couple of in-person workshops, offered by donation. I hope you can join us.

The more I integrate Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and Hakomi into my life, the more they both come through in my teaching. So, although some events are listed as one or the other, please bear in mind that whatever I am teaching, it will contain elements of both MSC and Hakomi. (All events listed count toward Hakomi Training, except the MSC half day retreat). There is so much overlap between the two: a focus on mindfulness; cultivation of Loving Presence/Loving Connected Presence; an attitude of warmth and curiosity; building resilience and relationship skills; a wish to be well and free from unnecessary complications in relationships. So, if you have taken either MSC or Hakomi trainings with me, I invite you to try the other!

Online By Donation:

Saturday, 15 October from 4pm-7pm Pacific Time, “Hakomi Half-Day”. This is an opportunity to witness a live, short Hakomi session, and to experience Hakomi with people from North America and Asia/Australia. https://mindfulselfdiscovery.com/hakomi-half-day-loving-presence-and-demo-session/

Saturday, 12 November 10am-1pm Pacific Time, “Hakomi Half-Day” (see above)

Saturday, 10 December 4-7pm Pacific Time, “Hakomi Half-Day” (see above)

In-person on Salt Spring Island by donation:

Sunday, 30th October from 10am-1pm, “Taking Time to Connect”: Using Mindfulness and Loving Presence to Enhance Relationship with Ourselves and Others”. This workshop takes place on Salt Spring Island at The Star of the Sea. By donation. https://mindfulselfdiscovery.com/moving-from-me-to-we/

Sunday, 20th of November from 10am-1pm, “Quieting the Mind: Building on our Personal Resources”. This workshop takes place on Salt Spring Island at The Star of the Sea. By donation. Details coming soon on my website and at: https://www.staroftheseassi.ca/events

Online and in-person on Salt Spring Island:

Saturday, 3rd of December from 4pm-7pm Pacific Time, Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Half Day Silent Retreat. $35. Details at https://mindfulselfdiscovery.com/mindful-self-compassion-half-day-silent-retreat/

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