Consultation and Mentorship

With 25 years of counselling in private practice, Marcia is offering individual Mentorship and Consultation sessions for those who are interested in professional development. Marcia is a Clinical Supervisor who embodies a compassion-focused, mindfulness-based way of supporting/mentoring. She integrates Cedar Barstow’s Right Use of Power philosophy into her mentorship, as a framework through which to view ethics and role/status-related power dynamics as they arise in professional relationships.

For several years, Marcia has been providing Clinical Supervision to new counsellors to build skills and confidence to grow into their potential as counsellors. She also offers mentorship/consultation to those who teach groups, who wish to build self-awareness in their role as “teacher” and to hone their skills in group facilitation.

Marcia runs mentorship groups for students of Hakomi to support each participant’s unique learning journey. The groups offer a warm and welcoming environment for participants to deepen their self-awareness within the therapy process and to apply advanced Hakomi skills to more effortlessly support others to experience more emotional freedom in their lives. The groups are both online. One of the groups is North America/Europe friendly and the other (offered with Chiayu Lin from Taiwan) is North America/Asia/Australia friendly. Please contact Marcia for more information about joining a group.

Marcia is committed to learning about how she has participated in and benefitted from social inequities, and acknowledges that she is a beginner on this journey. She strives to honour, acknowledge and attend to the inevitable complexity of relationships, bringing awareness to power dynamics as they arise, in service of learning and healing.

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