What participants say about MSC

“Mindful self compassion seems so simple. Yet under Marcia’s guidance in this course it touched surprisingly deep places in me. The practices themselves are useful. But more than that Marcia held us in a way that modelled how we were learning to hold ourselves.”
RM,  Carpenter

Thank you so much! I’ve never had such a short course be so transformative personally and professionally.”  TW, Registered Clinical Counsellor

“I enjoyed the course so much I didn’t want it to end!  Thank you for “holding space” for us to safely explore new ways of relating to ourselves.  I really appreciate your gentleness, your amazing skilfulness and also your humour!  
 I was surprised when some difficult feelings came up. I felt truly heard, understood and supported.  To experience trust and understanding while in a group is a real blessing for me, maybe a first, and it feels like a turning point in healing.”  MC, Musician

I found this course on self-compassion very helpful and believe it can make a radical difference in our lives. Marcia Burton facilitated so skillfully, modelling compassion in every class. The teachings, exercises, guided meditations, homework and readings were rich and inspiring. I’ve been practicing mindfulness and compassion for some time, but these very practical ways of applying self-compassion made me realize how much more often I can bring compassion into day to day awareness. I have been practicing ever since and employ it to gentle my moment by moment experience along, to open my heart increasingly to every different kind of experience, whether painful, sad, frustrating, happy or joyful.”  RP, Registered Clinical Counsellor

The benefits (of MSC) are ongoing as I continue to use the practice. I do not think I ever reaped the rewards of meditation the way I do now. It is quite empowering. Marcia, you are such a natural facilitator. When the group wanders off topic you gently and skillfully bring us back while acknowledging what was shared. You are wise, perceptive, accepting and understanding. And your humour is always so surprising, unexpected – there is quite a little rascal inside your calm demeanour!” LM, Hospice Volunteer

“The course was wonderful, enriching.  Marcia’s teaching style is calm and deep.  Her ability to hold space is amazing.  She lives what she teaches.”  RR, Yoga Instructor

The practices, together in the group, with the pace and tone of Marcia’s voice are so powerful.  I have had some very big insights into my life because I’ve practiced this compassionate attitude toward my experience.”  AT, Teacher

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