Upcoming Online Events in 2022

I am thinking of all of you, as we deepen into the 5th wave of the pandemic. It is so easy to feel discouraged by the closures of in-person events and travel opportunities. In November, I had booked a trip to visit my son in Barcelona this week, and I had to cancel it. It is heartbreaking……and……whatever is happening for all of us, there is usually more space around it than we can see. Cultivating a practice of turning toward our difficulties by deliberately practicing an attitude of curiosity, warmth, generosity, and a commitment to self-care and self-compassion can make a big difference in our daily lives. I hope that you can join me for some of these online events, as a way to care for yourself, to connect with others, and to practice some ways of being that you may find nourishing.

All of the times listed are in Pacific Time.

Every Tuesday evening from 7pm-7:30pm: A guided meditation based loosely around the theme of “healing”. This is a free drop-in group with no interaction required. After the guided meditation, there will be 5-10 minutes to say hello to others if you like. I am usually the host, and there may be occasional guests who will guide the meditation. Here is the zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88174383785?pwd=Q3Z1TCtITC9PbE1FSGRoYlZtR2hkQT09

Monday evenings, from 24th of January to 14 March, from 4:30pm-7:00pm: 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Training, co-taught by MSC Teacher, Barb Regasz and myself. MSC is an evidence-based training program designed to cultivate emotional resilience through the skill of self-compassion. It is a closed group, and registrations are being accepted until the 22nd of January. Course fee is $495. https://mindfulselfdiscovery.com/8-week-online-mindful-self-compassion-training-beginning-january-2022/

Thursday afternoons from 3rd of February to 10 March from 12:30-2pm: A condensed version of the Mindful Self-Compassion Training, this “short course” gives you the main bullet-points of the MSC training, and is a closed group, designed for those who just don’t have time to take the full training. The cost for this course is $200 + GST. It is run through Yukon University, and registration is open until the 27th of January. https://mindfulselfdiscovery.com/live-online-introduction-to-mindful-self-compassion-course/

One Saturday per month drop-in group: Hakomi Half-Days This group is designed to make the study and practice of Hakomi accessible to a variety of populations. We meet for 3 hours and the times are set to alternate including people from Europe one month, and Asia/Australia the next. We will practice the state of mind called “Loving Presence”, as coined by Hakomi’s creator, Ron Kurtz. This will be followed by a live demo session of the method, with time for questions and discussions afterward. This group is offered on a donation basis, with an encouragement to engage with the practice of mindfulness and generosity when making a donation. The dates/times for the Hakomi half days up until June are listed here: https://mindfulselfdiscovery.com/hakomi-half-day-loving-presence-and-demo-session/

Saturdays once a month from February to June, from 6pm-8:30pm: Hakomi mentorship group, co-taught by Hakomi Trainer, Chiayu Lin, and myself. This is a closed group. We will begin with a structured approach to explore our practice of Hakomi in a small group. As the group unfolds, we will co-create a flexible format so that each participant can explore their growing edges and get individualized support in their learning. When the group finishes, there will be an opportunity for new students to join, and for those who have completed the course to continue. The fee for this course is $525. Registration for this group is open until the 1st of February. For dates and registration: https://mindfulselfdiscovery.com/online-monthly-hakomi-mentorship-group-feb-june-2022/

I hope you can join us!

Sending you well-wishes,


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