Online Monthly Hakomi Mentorship Group Feb-June 2022

An ongoing small group to learn Hakomi at your own pace

I am delighted to offer this group with my dear friend and co-trainer, Chiayu Lin, from Taiwan.

There is so much richness to be had from sharing thoughts/ideas about how we can embody Hakomi, and put it into practice. Regardless of levels of participants’ experience of Hakomi, this group will have a structured approach to practicing and reflecting on our practice of Hakomi. 

The group will meet for 2.5 hours, once a month, from February to June.  Group meetings to be focused on developing one’s practice of Hakomi, whether that is deepening an embodiment of Loving Presence in relationships, working with clients, exploring a growing edge, working toward certification, teaching some workshops, etc.  

We will begin each meeting with a brief mindfulness practice and a Loving Presence check-in, followed by a Hakomi practice and/or a Hakomi session and discussion.  

As we get to know each other, the structure of the group will become more flexible, as we follow and respond to the needs of the group, as a whole.

Participants are expected to commit to all of the sessions.  After the 5 months are finished, the group will open for new participants to join.  Participants already in the group will have the option to continue with the group for another 5 months.

New members wishing to join the group will each have an individual preparatory meeting with Chiayu or Marcia, to talk about your learning edges, what kind of support you are looking for, what you are hoping for, and whether this group would be a good fit and a good time for you.  The cost of this individual session is included in the course fee. After your preparatory meeting, if you decide you do not want to join the mentorship group, you will only be committed to pay $100.

The Trainers:

Chiayu Lin is a Counselling Psychologist in Taiwan, assisting individuals in inner exploration and trauma recovery. She is a Hakomi Trainer and has been teaching Hakomi in Asia since 2011, and finds that Hakomi helps her to establish effective relationships with her clients and students. Chiayu has been offering mentorship to students on a regular basis. She has a beautiful spirit and is an insightful, sensitive and light-hearted Hakomi Trainer.

Marcia Burton lives on Salt Spring Island in Canada. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and has been a Hakomi Trainer since 2009. She offers Clinical Supervision and has been offering mentorship to Hakomi students for several years. Marcia is also a Certified Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion and the Right Use of Power, and combines these teachings with her Hakomi mentorship to support students’ personal and professional growth. Her style is warm, welcoming, playful and sensitive.

Pacific Time Dates/Times: 6pm-8:30pm

Saturday, 5th of February

Saturday, 12th of March

Saturday, 9th of April

Saturday, 21st of May

Saturday, 18th of June

Cost: $525 Canadian 

To register, please contact Marcia:

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