Hakomi afternoon series in Victoria, BC

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Join Marcia Burton for a series of 4 afternoons of Hakomi. 

Presence and Personhood:  Hakomi Practices for Living Mindfully.

This short series of Hakomi afternoons will give beginners and seasoned students, alike, the chance to apply experiential practices in pairs and in small groups, to learn about the habitual ways we relate to others.  Engaging with these practices, spontaneous insights about how we relate to others, and how we might choose to do so differently, arise all on their own.

Hakomi practices are offered with an attitude of gentle curiosity, which stimulates self-compassion and compassion for others.  The format of this series encourages regular practice and allows for participants to use Hakomi to develop a sense of community with each other.

Practicing Hakomi enhances our relationships, personal and professional.

Sessions take place at Thrive Yoga Studio in Victoria from 4-7pm.

Sundays, September 29th, October 27th, November 24th, and January 12th.

$160 for the series of 4 afternoons.

Marcia Burton is a Senior Trainer of the Hakomi method, with 16 years experience studying Hakomi.

Payment in advance is required.  To register, contact Kim: info@livetothrive.ca

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