2014 dates for Ongoing Training

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The dates for the 2014 Salt Spring Island Training are listed below.  As many of our students have been learning Hakomi for a while now, we have incorporated some Deepening Skills days into our 2014 schedule.  The Deepening Skills days are designed for advanced students to focus on practicing full sessions, and to develop their confidence in the role of  ‘therapist’.  Bob and Marcia will be available to offer support and supervision during the sessions.

The Deepening days are open to anyone who wishes to practice and deepen their Hakomi skills, and to anyone who would like to experience Hakomi as a ‘client’.

Ongoing Multi-Level Hakomi Training on Salt Spring Island 2014 dates

January 18, 19

February 15,16.  February 17 Deepening Skills day

March 29,30

April 26,27

May 24,25.  May 26 Deepening Skills day

September 20,21

October 18,19

November 26-30.  Please note, this is a 5 day training module.

Cost per training weekend is $250.      Cost per Deepening Skills day is $125.

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