Hakomi: Mindful Self Discovery Sept-Dec 2017


Hakomi, created by Ron Kurtz, is a method of assisted self study. It is designed to help heal old emotional wounds that live on in the form of life limiting beliefs about oneself and about the world. These beliefs, often unconscious, can shape both our perception and our experience. This often results in unnecessary suffering With the help of a Hakomi practitioner, and using mindfulness, reactions that point to these beliefs can be studied and more life giving experiences become possible.

This 4 weekend series introduces the core ‘techniques’ of working with another in a Hakomi way. From a place of compassion and attunement, we will practice focusing on what is expressed nonverbally through things like body posture, tone of voice, pace of speaking, habitual gestures etc. Using this information we will learn to create ‘little experiments’ for self study. When done in mindfulness these experiments can bring awareness to automatic, sometimes subtle, reactions. It is these reactions that hold clues about the life limiting beliefs we carry. This type of belief can prevent us from experiencing the very thing we long for, or from even seeing that it might be available. Once exposed, beliefs can be questioned.

But there is more. Because the wounding we work with was created through experience, experience is key to its healing. So we will also learn to identify and create the kinds of nourishing experiences that belief has prevented. In Hakomi we call these ‘missing experiences’.

All of this will be supported by practices to help us develop the openhearted, compassionate, spacious state of mind Ron Kurtz called ‘Loving Presence’. For it is this state of mind that empowers any technique.

Dates for 2017:

Sept 16-17

Oct 14-15

Nov 4-5

Dec 2-3

COST:  $995 for the series.  Early Bird rate $950 if paid in full by September 3, 2017.

Contact Rebecca Finlay at: abecca2011@gmail.com for registration details.


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