Hakomi: Open to Healing Jan-May 2018

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This continues our series of four weekend modules on the Hakomi Method.  Hakomi recognizes the natural capacity for emotional healing that lives in all of us.  We learn to honour and trust this self-healing impulse, and cultivate a state of mind that encourages it to come forward in another.  Ron Kurtz called this state of mind “Loving Presence” and this is the foundation of everything we do in Hakomi. Loving Presence asks, “In this moment, what would support this opening to healing?”

Grounded in this question, with an attitude of curiosity and warmth, we are drawn to using Kurtz’s experiential method of self-discovery. Our goal is to assist the other to discover some of the habitual, and usually unconscious, structures of the mind that tell us things like, “I don’t deserve to be happy/nourished/whole”, “It is not possible”, “It is dangerous”, etc, etc… These types of beliefs interrupt the natural flow of emotional healing, and keep us in a self-limiting loop where we repeat old patterns that inhibit emotional healing.

In this module, we will practice and deepen our skills to track non-verbal cues in each other. We will explore and practice simple, yet often profound, experiments using mindfulness to support another’s self study and discovery. From these experiments emerge opportunities for experiences that invite emotional healing.

All of this will be supported by practices to help us develop the openhearted, compassionate, spacious state of mind Ron Kurtz called ‘Loving Presence’. For it is this state of mind that empowers every technique.

This module is for all those interested in learning about Hakomi, to all those curious about opening to our own emotional healing, and to those interested in learning skills to support this type of healing in others.

You may wish to deepen your practice of Hakomi skills. Or you may be coming for your first Hakomi experience. All are welcome.


Here are the dates for this first Hakomi Training Module of 2018.

January 27-28

February 24-25

April 7-8

May 5-6

COST:  $995 for the series.  Early Bird rate $950 if paid in full by December 31, 2017.

Contact Rebecca Finlay at: abecca2011@gmail.com for registration details.


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