Hakomi Circle Days 2017


A Hakomi Circle is a one day gathering for participants to receive a session, to witness and assist in full Hakomi sessions. While one participant has a session with Bob/Marcia, the other participants have the chance to practice Loving Presence and to be assistants in each others’ sessions.  The emphasis is to learn and practice Hakomi skills through the modalities of witnessing, participating in and discussing/debriefing sessions.

We find this way of learning to be invaluable to students with any level of experience.  Each Hakomi Circle day can be counted as one day of training towards the minimum 42 days which constitute our Hakomi training.

Depending on the number of participants, not all participants will necessarily receive a session.

Dates for 2017:

10 Dec 2016 Marcia

21 Jan Bob

25 Feb Bob

Sunday, 26 March Marcia

22 April Marcia

27 May Bob

17 June Marcia

30 September Bob

18 Nov Marcia

16 Dec Bob


$125 per day

Registration & Information:

Contact Marcia or Bob at (250) 930-4541

Marcia:  marciaburton369@gmail.com

Bob:  rhmilone@gmail.com

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