Experience Hakomi 2016-17

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This series of 4 weekends presents the Hakomi “Personhood Series”. “Personhood” is at the very heart of the Hakomi method, developed by Ron Kurtz, Ph.D.

Kurtz was influenced by Michael Mahoney’s research into the therapeutic relationship. Mahoney’s research showed that “the ‘person’ of the therapist is at least eight times more influential than his or her theoretical orientation and/or use of specific therapeutic techniques.” Kurtz began to “define, recognize and teach ‘personhood’ which includes spiritual development. Up to a point, it is personal growth and the usual emotional work that we all have to do. But beyond that, and especially when you wish to become helpful to other people, spiritual development is the natural and necessary next step….Outside of therapy, there are many sources of spiritual nourishment. But in the present moment of a therapy process, the source I use is the client. I search for and find non-egocentric nourishment in some aspect of the client. This is very close to the Buddhist practice of searching for the seed of Buddha in every person. Or as Swami Premananda says, “The purpose of life is to see God in everyone and everything.” When he was asked how this was done, he replied, “In the silence.” The idea is to drop the “noise of self” and to see the other as spirit. With this as habit, with this as a base, therapy becomes a deeply heartfelt journey shared…The development of this practice is a spiritual discipline and its fruition is personhood and full human beingness. It is this approach that makes psychotherapy a spiritual practice. (Link to the whole article, “A Little History” by Ron Kurtz, Ph.D)

You may be interested in using Hakomi in your work with clients, or to use it to enhance your personal relationships. Either way, the Hakomi personhood series will introduce you to an interactive practice of personal development that will bring you a sense of emotional nourishment, offering the possibility of more satisfaction and connection with others.

Experience Hakomi 2016-17 Dates:

1,2 Oct

26,27 Nov

Jan 14,15

Feb 18,19

Cost: $995

Location TBA (Salt Spring Island and/or Vancouver Island)

This will be a small group, limited to 15 participants.

Contact Rebecca Finlay at: abecca2011@gmail.com for registration details.

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