Hakomi Couple’s Workshop on Salt Spring Island, August 2020

14-17 August, 2020. Facilitated by Marcia Burton and Bob Milone

Cultivating Connection, Communication, Compassion: Taking Time for Renewal in Relationship

“The simple act of being completely present for another person is truly an act of love.”

Sharon Salzberg

“For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks,…..the work for which all other work is but preparation.”

Maria Ranier Rilke

Join Bob and Marcia for a long weekend with an opportunity to renew, recharge and celebrate your relationship. We will use a simple mindfulness-based/compassion-centered approach, working mainly in couples and sometimes in small groups to support deeper connection, communication and compassion.

You can expect to experience connection with your partner, to have fun, to feel nourished, inspired, and encouraged.

We will focus on:

  • Compassion:

Develop a practice of appreciation for each other

Experience receiving and giving emotional support/nourishment

  • Communication:

Learn simple skills for hearing and being heard by your partner

Cultivate a deeper understanding of what is important to each of you

  • Connection:

Identify and drop pain-causing patterns

Develop supportive, nourishing patterns

The Results We’re Looking For: feeling more at ease, more together, appreciated, supported, met, understood, and able to be more lovingly authentic, and open to the gift of each other.

Although primarily designed for couples in an intimate relationship, please note this workshop is open to any two people in significant relationship, as an opportunity to deepen connection, i.e. mother/daughter, co-workers, brothers, etc.


The schedule offers free time with your partner to help you to enjoy a slower pace, to support the integration of the course material, and to simply have some fun together.

  • Fri Aug 14 1pm – 4pm
  • Sat  Aug 15      10am – 1pm and 3 – 6pm
  • Sun  Aug 16     10am – 1pm and 3 – 6pm
  • Mon  Aug 17    9am – 12pm

Bob Milone and Marcia Burton have been teaching mindfulness-based trainings, to help others to build compassion and self-awareness in relationships, for many years.  They are both Senior trainers of the Hakomi Method of Assisted Self-Discovery, and Bob is one of Ron Kurtz’s Legacy Holders.  Marcia is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and is a Certified Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion.

Most importantly, Marcia and Bob have been practicing using mindfulness-based approaches to navigate their own 14-year relationship and have a lot of experience getting lost and finding their way back to each other!  Their style is light-hearted, down-to-earth, warm and compassionate.

Cost:  $495 (GST included)  per couple (non-residential)

Registration:  Please send full payment via e-transfer to Rebecca at: abecca2011@gmail.com, to attend the workshop.

Info about accommodation and what to do on Salt Spring:

New Dates for Hakomi half-days 2022

Online Hakomi half-day (Loving Presence and Demo Session) dates for 2022:

Saturday, 14 May from 4pm-7pm Pacific time

Saturday, 11 June from 10am-1pm Pacific

Saturday, 23 July from 4pm-7pm Pacific

Saturday, 10 September from 10am-1pm Pacific

Saturday, 15 October from 4pm-7pm Pacific

Saturday, 12 November from 10am-1pm Pacific

Saturday, 10 December from 4pm-7pm Pacific

These workshops are offered by donation.

Here’s what to expect:

This session will begin with a guided mindfulness practice, followed by a Loving Presence practice or two, to help everyone to quiet and relax the body and mind.  This will be followed by a short break and then I will offer a demo of a Hakomi session with a volunteer participant.  We’ll make time to have a discussion about the session afterwards.  

This Hakomi event is the first of a series of half days, that will be posted nearer to the time.  Each session will be kept small to help foster a sense of community and intimacy.

How the donations work: This is an experiment in generosity. I would like to make this workshop accessible to those on lower incomes. And I believe that there is a certain magic about generosity. I am offering this workshop as an act of generosity. I invite you to join me in your own act of generosity. At the end of the workshop, I will invite you, using mindfulness, to explore what a generous donation would look like/feel like for you. I will leave it to you to make the donation that matches what would give you a feeling of generosity. 

Identity-based vulnerabilities:  I have decided to offer this series of half days on a donation basis, in an effort to make Hakomi accessible to more people. Since the pandemic, I have been looking into issues of social justice and equity, and want to do what I can to participate in addressing this reality. I understand that many people experience identity-based vulnerabilities which could make a study of Hakomi difficult or nearly impossible. Having grown up with considerable white privilege, I am a beginner at understanding the depth of discrimination, distress and unease that is experienced by those who identify as BIPOC, gender creative, or otherwise non-conforming to dominant culture. Please know that you are welcome here!

I am going to keep this workshop small to build a sense of intimacy and community. Please send me an email as soon as you can if you are interested in attending, and I will let you know if there is still space, and will send you the zoom link:  marciaburton369@gmail.com

I look forward to working with you!

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