Hakomi Coaching days 2020

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On these days there will be a series of full Hakomi sessions offered by Marcia or by senior students, followed by debrief and discussion.

The focus of a coaching day is to experience the method through witnessing and participating in Hakomi sessions.  A coaching day offers a broad range of opportunities to people with different levels of experience in the Hakomi Method. More experienced students will have the chance to practice offering a full session with support and feedback in real time from Marcia. Students with less experience can receive a session as a client, practice as an assistant, or simply witness the process. Anyone new to Hakomi may choose to receive a session, or to get a felt sense of the work through witnessing and discussion.

All are welcome. Coaching days count toward the 42 days of Hakomi Training. The cost of each day is $125, and take place on Salt Spring Island.

Dates for 2020:

Monday, 17th of February

Monday, 20th of April

Monday, 25th of May

More dates in autumn 2020 TBA

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