Pro-Skills Training in Newfoundland 2014-2015

  Hakomi ProSkills Training Bob and Marcia will be working with four other Hakomi trainers:  Donna Martin, Flint Sparks, Danielle Laferriere and Hersh Gottheil, to deliver this training, organized by Fiona Cunningham in St. Johns, Newfoundland. The ProSkills format is for helping professionals who have work experience in their field. It presents the Hakomi MethodContinue reading “Pro-Skills Training in Newfoundland 2014-2015”

2014 dates for Ongoing Training

The dates for the 2014 Salt Spring Island Training are listed below.  As many of our students have been learning Hakomi for a while now, we have incorporated some Deepening Skills days into our 2014 schedule.  The Deepening Skills days are designed for advanced students to focus on practicing full sessions, and to develop theirContinue reading “2014 dates for Ongoing Training”

Hakomi afternoon series in Victoria, BC

Join Marcia Burton for a series of 4 afternoons of Hakomi.  Presence and Personhood:  Hakomi Practices for Living Mindfully. This short series of Hakomi afternoons will give beginners and seasoned students, alike, the chance to apply experiential practices in pairs and in small groups, to learn about the habitual ways we relate to others.  Engaging withContinue reading “Hakomi afternoon series in Victoria, BC”

Hong Kong training 2013

Hong Kong Hakomi Training,  Hakomi Education Network, starting 2013 Second Module – Sept 6-9, 2013 In this Second Module of the training we will continue to deepen our focus on the Hakomi principles of  loving presence, mindfulness, and spaciousness. This will be taught experientially with opportunities for personal work as well as opportunities to participateContinue reading “Hong Kong training 2013”

2014 ‘Deepening’ Days

2014 Deepening Days We are offering two ‘Deepening’ days this winter/spring for supported skills practice. The days are designed to assist advanced students with their learning of the method, primarily through supervised practice sessions. Deepening days also provide an opportunity for those newer to Hakomi to experience the method from the role of ‘client’, withContinue reading “2014 ‘Deepening’ Days”