Hakomi Coaching Days 2018

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On these days there will be a series of full Hakomi sessions offered by senior students followed by debrief and discussion.

A coaching day offers a broad range of opportunities to people with different levels of experience in the Hakomi Method. More experienced students will have the chance to practice offering a full session with support and feedback in real time from either Marcia or Bob. Students with less experience can receive a session as a client, practice as an assistant, or simply witness the process. Any one new to Hakomi may choose to receive a session, or to get a felt sense of the work through witnessing and discussion.

All are welcome.


DATES for Coaching Days in 2018:

  • Monday, April 9
  • Monday, May 7
  • Monday, October 15
  • Monday, November 12


REGISTRATION:  Please register at least 5 days before the event with a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your space.  Payment can be made by eTransfer to the contact email address below, or check with us for other options.

COST: $125 per day

LOCATION:  Salt Spring Island

CONTACT:  Bob – rhmilone@gmail.com or Marcia – marciaburton369@gmail.com for registration details.

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