Private Sessions: Covid-19 telephone and online


Safety Protocols for Private Sessions

Marcia continues to offer private counselling sessions, and Hakomi sessions in-person during COVID-19.  She has also expanded her practice to include telephone and/or video sessions.

Here are the guidelines that Marcia is following for in-person sessions:

I am so happy to be opening my office to you! WorkSafe BC has outlined some suggestions for making our face-to-face time together as safe as we can.  Here’s what I suggest we do to keep us both, our families and our friends and co-workers safe:

  1. I will be screening my clients upon arrival for any symptoms of illness that day or in the past 14 days. If you are or have been unwell recently, I will not be able to see you that day, and we will have to reschedule. No cancellation fee would apply in that situation. In addition, you will be required to sign a consent form that acknowledges that you understand and assume the risks associated with attending an in-person counselling session, in regards to the possible transmission of a virus or any pathological illness from my office or from myself. I can mitigate many risk factors however I cannot completely eliminate all risk factors. Your understanding and consent will be crucial in order for us both to be as safe as possible.
  2. I am scheduling appointments so that in-person sessions are spread out over the week. At present, I am offering a maximum of two in-person sessions per day, and opening windows between sessions to air out the room when possible.
  3. Enhanced cleaning measures will be taking place before and in-between all treatments. This includes sanitizing high touch zones with an bleach-based disinfectant.
  4. Every client will be required to wash their hands, on entry to the office.  I will also be washing my hands before and after each session, as I always have.  I will empty the garbage basket in-between appointments.
  5. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can request that I wear a mask during your session. You may also wear a mask if you would like. Please bring your own mask.  Wearing a mask is not required, unless it is your preference. Please let me know before your appointment if you would like me to wear a mask and I will make sure it is on when you arrive.
  6. I will very much miss being able to make tea for you for the foreseeable future. Please, if you would like to have some tea or coffee during your session, do bring some along in your own container, and we can still drink tea together!
  7. I am trying to minimise exchanging cash.If cash is the only easy way to pay for your session, no worries.  Otherwise, sending me an e-transfer before the session would be ideal.
  8. Thank you so much for reading all of this and for your cooperation. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
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