Online Self-Compassion Break over the Holidays: 11 December 2021

Online Saturday, 11th of December

4-7pm Pacific Time

I hope you can join us for an afternoon of self-compassion.  As the days get shorter and the holiday come closer, we can find ourselves in need of some extra self-care.  Developing an attitude of kindness toward ourselves can go a long way.

Many of us find the holiday season can bring fun times shared with close friends and family.  It can also have moments of tension/conflict with others, or a sense of isolation or lack of belonging.  It can be challenging!

This 3-hour workshop is designed to be slow-paced and relaxing, and you can expect to feel recharged afterwards.  We will explore some of the theory behind mindful self-compassion, try a short guided meditation, and learn some simple techniques that you can take home to apply in moments of stress in your daily life.  

There’s been a lot of research into self-compassion, showing that it is effective to enhance life satisfaction, to reduce anxiety and depression, to enhance relationships, and to boost overall happiness. And, it’s easier than you think!

The cost of this online workshop is $35.

Saturday, 11 December from 4-7pm Pacific Time.

To register, contact Marcia:

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