Private Sessions: Covid-19 telephone and online

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Private Sessions

Normally, Marcia offers private counselling sessions, and Hakomi sessions in person.  While the Covid-19 social distancing recommendations are in place, she is offering telephone and/or video sessions.

Hakomi can be helpful for individuals or couples who:

  • are interested in being supported to develop greater self-awareness
  • want to enjoy more satisfaction in their relationships
  • feel ‘stuck’ around a particular issue and want to gain clarity
  • would like to explore and heal patterns connected to their family of origin
  • value a method of self-exploration which by-passes analysis, moving towards a more experiential, body-centered approach to healing

In addition to Hakomi, Marcia is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and offers counselling sessions.  She incorporates Hakomi, Mindful Self-Compassion and body-centered awareness for those seeking ongoing or short-term counselling support with a variety of issues.  Most insurance companies reimburse for RCC counselling sessions.

Hakomi Circle Days

Traditionally, a Hakomi Circle is a small gathering of up to 4 participants, with a Hakomi practitioner offering a session to every participant.We have changed this format to enhance the opportunities for learning. The day will still be focused on doing sessions, and will be open to more than 4 people. Not everyone will necessarily receive a session, which allows for those to attend who are interested in participating without being in the role of “client”. It also provides an opportunity for advanced students to offer a session and receive support from a trainer. After each session, we will make time for discussion and debriefing.

The cost of the Hakomi Circle day is $125, and it counts as one of the 42 days required to complete our Hakomi training.