Training Format: 2017 Schedule

sarah and roger

In 2017, we changed our training format.

We consulted with our dear friend and mentor, Donna Martin, Ron Kurtz’s most senior Legacy Holder and Hakomi trainer. As a result, we have decided to stop using Ron’s traditional labels for the training, originally called Level 1, 2, and 3. The content of the training remains unchanged, only the titles have changed. We feel titles for training modules most accurately reflect the principles inherent in the Refined Hakomi method when they offer descriptions of the skills practiced instead of descriptions which suggest sequence or hierarchy. Hakomi skills can be learned in any order and are learned cyclically, not linearly. We want our training to honour and reflect the uniqueness of each participant’s life experience and the personal skills and qualities they bring to the training.  Find more detail about this here:

So, we are offering a series of training modules, each 4 weekends in length.  Each module will be themed to focus on particular core skills of Hakomi.  All students can benefit from  any module.  The modules can be taken individually, or consecutively, to add up towards the full Hakomi Training of 42 days.  Each module counts as 8 days toward the training.

October 2016-February 2017:  “Experience Hakomi” focuses on our state of mind, introduces Loving Presence, and development of personhood.

March-June 2017:  “Following Present Experience” focuses on reading non-verbal signals and practicing/following present experience in ourselves and in others.

September-December 2017:  “Mindful Self Discovery” focuses on an introduction to Hakomi’s techniques, including “little experiments” done using mindfulness.  Dates:September 16-17, Oct 14-15, Nov 4-5, Dec 2-3.  Details coming soon.

We are offering a Hakomi Circle day most months in 2017. We recommend that students of Hakomi experience the method through the eyes of a client. A Hakomi Circle is a day of sessions from either Bob or Marcia in a small group.  Hakomi Circle days count as one day toward the Hakomi Training. For details and dates: