Level I Training in 2016

Hakomi Level I

Presence – Compassion – Nonverbal Awareness

beach row boatThis is a training series for people who are new to the practice of Hakomi.

It will be valuable for counselors, psychotherapists, body workers, hospital staff, managers, social workers, teachers, and anyone else whose work hinges on really understanding the experience of their clients. People interested in using the practice of Hakomi for personal development or enhancing personal relationships are also encouraged to attend. The training is experiential, mindfulness-based, and largely focused on exercises in pairs or small groups.

  • Become more able to manage challenging interactions with people who are upset
  • Develop self awareness, increasing our ability to respond rather than react
  • Learn to communicate needs more effectively and efficiently
  • Give and receive feedback gracefully
  • Increase capacity to relax and recharge while attending to others
  • Become more comfortable with strong emotion in ourselves, and in our clients
  • Learn how we may be unconsciously influencing interactions
  • Develop a capacity to see people more clearly
  • Become more aware of what clients are expressing nonverbally
  • Better understand other people’s experience, motivations, and needs
  • Practice shifting attention from what’s wrong to what we appreciate
  • Help others to feel more empowered

Hakomi is the result of the life’s work of Ron Kurtz, PhD., author of Body-Centered Psychotherapy: The Hakomi Method, and co-author of Grace Unfolding. Therapeutic Hakomi skills will be adapted to apply to any type of helping relationship. Hakomi Level 1 is both a stand-alone training to enhance self-awareness and relationship skills, and the first of three levels of Hakomi training for those interested in becoming a Certified Hakomi Practitioner.

Hakomi Level One series takes place over 14 days on Salt Spring Island, with the possibility of some training weekends on Vancouver Island.

Cost: $1750. Early bird rate: $1500 before January 20th.

Contact Marcia for registration details:  marciaburton369@gmail.com

2016 Level One Dates:

February 20, 21

April 16, 17

June 3, 4, 5

July 9, 10

September 16, 17, 18

November 23, 24