2016 Summer Workshop

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Sixth Annual Salt Spring Hakomi Summer Workshop:   22-25 July

We hope you will join us this summer to enjoy learning and practicing Hakomi on Salt Spring Island. The workshop is an opportunity to enter an atmosphere of Loving Presence and curiosity, where each of us can engage with the Hakomi method, Ron Kurtz’s life’s work. The workshop is suitable for anyone with an interest in learning more about Hakomi, from complete beginners to those with many years of experience. The workshop will be primarily experiential, with some discussion and theory. Participants will have the chance to experience Hakomi as a ‘client’, to practice live sessions in the role of ‘therapist’, and to receive coaching from Certified Hakomi Trainers and Teachers. Bob and Marcia will gently encourage and guide participants to explore the method at their own pace.

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Ango Retreat, Salt Spring Island

What others have said:

“I really cannot thank you enough for the experience you hosted.  It was so much more than a workshop!  Bottom line is that I feel that it was one of the most productive, and profound, Hakomi experiences I have had…including the magical times with Ron (Kurtz).  I don’t feel bad about saying that…Ron was present for the whole week….in our memories, in our stories, in our hearts…he was the reason we were all there to begin with!  One thing I enjoyed was seeing how the two of you worked together.  I absolutely loved the fullness of presence that you both sat in.”

J.G., MA

“It has been a good fortune for me to train with Marcia and Bob!”

“They have a talent for holding space with deep attention, elegance and humbleness, and in this space I witnessed deep healing and learning, in myself and in others. My practise as a psychotherapist has been tremendously enlivened by Hakomi skills and more often than not these days, I now am able to enter into direct exploration of the unconscious in my clients, in a way that is safe, respectful and full of heart.”

“I cannot say enough about Marcia and Bob- they are not just highly skilled practitioners and teachers of Hakomi method, they are both genuine, kind and full hearted people with whom you just want to hang out, and in whose presence, it is easy to feel that the world is all right.”

M.G., MA, Registered Clinical Counselor

“I have experienced remarkable changes in myself in the time I have been studying with Bob and Marcia. Being a therapist for twenty years before being introduced to Hakomi practice, I found that my previous training and experience both enhanced and interfered with my ability to practice in a Hakomi way. I am grateful for the challenge and the gift.”

“Hakomi has helped me to experience far greater compassion and loving presence with clients and myself. Bob and Marcia are gifted teachers and model their skills within their humour and humility. Learning and practicing in their presence is a gentle, affirming experience.”

J.S., PhD

Cost:  $375

To register contact Vanya:  vanyasforest@gmail.com