Hakomi training days in Nanaimo, BC in May and June 2020

9 May and 13 June 2020, 9:30-5 Bethlehem Centre, Nanaimo, BC

Quieting The Mind: 9th of May

Learn how to sustain a calm, sensitive, present-centered state of mind. The basic idea is to become calm and to stay calm, while being present for others as well as for oneself. We will explore the habitual tendencies and unconscious ideas that can (and usually do) disrupt such a state. And we’ll use the Hakomi Method of little experiments in mindfulness to experience new alternatives to old patterns. This kind of sensitive, calm presence is the necessary state of mind for using loving presence and the Hakomi Method effectively in your personal life or in your professional work with clients.

Nonverbal Awareness: 13th of June

Learn to practice following and understanding the underlying meanings in such nonverbal communication as: facial expressions, bodily gestures, posture, tone of voice, energy, pacing, and other signals. In his bestseller, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman reports that 90% of our emotional experience is communicated nonverbally. Nonverbal communication expresses who we are, our present experience, our personal story, and history, as well as what we expect and what we really need from each other.

What to expect from the days:

  • Receive some time out to quiet the mind 
  • Gain awareness about yourself through experiential practices in pairs and small groups
  • Experience and sustain a calm and relaxed way of relating to others
  • Find an increased sense of compassion for yourself and others

These workshops are appropriate for anyone working in the helping professions, those interested in mindfulness-based approaches, and anyone who is interested in human relationships and healing.

Marcia Burton is a Senior Hakomi Trainer, and has been a student of the Hakomi method since 1997.  She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, and offers training and workshops in Hakomi and in Mindful Self-Compassion.  Marcia has a private practice on Salt Spring Island, where she enjoys quiet time in nature, playing with her dog, and knitting.  Her style is warm, gentle, playful and compassionate.

Cost: $110 for each day, which includes a delicious lunch at the retreat centre. Registration is available directly through the Bethlehem Centre. If you attend both workshops, you will receive a discount for the second workshop, to make the total cost of both workshops $200.

Registration will be open soon through the Bethlehem Centre.

For details about the workshops, contact Rebecca: abecca2011@gmail.com