Hakomi Training Days in Victoria, BC, March and May

Saturday, 14 March, and 23 May


CC Gneist is hosting the first of a series of Hakomi Training days on the 14th of March, in Victoria, BC. Marcia will be sharing Hakomi skills and practices.

These days are open to anyone, new or not so new to Hakomi. In the morning, we’ll practice beginner and advanced Hakomi skills together. In the afternoons, we’ll practice applying the skills to assist each other to self-study more deeply. Whatever your familiarity with Hakomi, there is an opportunity for everyone to engage with the practices as deeply or as lightly as you wish, in a non-pressured and open-hearted atmosphere. As always with Hakomi, each moment, in itself, wherever you are starting from, will be a learning opportunity.

Hot drinks and snacks will be available. Please bring something for lunch if you don’t want to go out to get it at lunchtime.

Everyone is welcome!

CC is a dear friend and has a real knack for seeing the beauty in others, and creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

The cost of each day is $125.00

Please email CC for payment and any further information: carolanngneist@gmail.com