"Staying Connected" Days 2020

Take time to check in with yourself (Mindfulness)

Stay connected with yourself (Self-Kindness)

Receive support from others (Common Humanity)

Common humanity is something we could harness to help us integrate MSC into our lives.  Just as we don’t expect ourselves to go on one meditation retreat and then start meditating every day on our own, it is not reasonable to expect ourselves to be able to cultivate the practice Mindful Self-Compassion in isolation, after a brief encounter with it.  It seems a self-compassionate response to integrating MSC into our lives is to acknowledge:  We need each other!  We can lean into connecting with others to help ourselves remember what we love about MSC. Resting into this common humanity, we can re-kindle the spark that inspired our movement toward self-compassion in the first place.  Building community and practicing together can support us to nurture the qualities of gentleness, kindness and respect toward ourselves, etc. that we would like to embody more fully in our lives.  

Staying Connected groups provide a touch-stone to support us to continue to return to MSC in our daily lives.  We will take time to slow down from our busy schedule (Mindfulness), connect to ourselves with an attitude of non-judgement/care (Self-Kindness) and build support/connection with each other (Common Humanity).  

Staying Connected days take place in-person, and will include guided meditations, refresher teachings on MSC, some time in silence together, group discussions, and a chance to connect with others around the practices.  There will be an opportunity to connect with and nurture what is meaningful to you about MSC, and to connect or re-connect with others for encouragement. 

These groups give you the chance to touch back into MSC with others, starting from wherever you are right now.  Whether you have developed and sustained a daily practice, you aspire to do so, or you are feeling you have failed to integrate any of the course at all, and there is something that still draws you to the idea of being more compassionate with yourself, you are welcome!  Anyone who has taken an MSC course with me, or elsewhere, is welcome to attend.  

Dates: for 2020

Saturday, 25 January, 10am-4pm

Saturday, 29 February, 10am-4pm

Cost of each day is $85.

More Staying Connected dates for 2020 coming soon!